sumi ink, clay paints, glass pen, washi paper and wood panels



WAH-ST 060 "Before Noon" 「祭りの前の静けさ」2020

55cm x 65cm

WAH-ST 059 "Dusk" 「逢魔時」2020

41cm x 41cm

WAH-ST 058 "Private Suite" 「奥の間」2020

37cm x 47cm

WAH-ST 057 "Sort Out" 「取捨選択」2020

36cm x 53cm

WAH-ST 056 "You Have Been Free"2020

41cm x 41cm

WAH-ST 055 "Co-Creation" 「宙造り」2020

42cm x 53cm

WAH-ST 054 "Gotta Go Get My Man" 「兄貴を迎えに」2020

37cm x 47cm

WAH-ST 053 "Undo Them All" 「杭は抜かれた」2020

55cm x 65cm

WAH-ST 052 "Hot Tide" 「熱潮」2020

26cm x 46cm

WAH-ST 051 "Coming Down" 「下山」2020

16cm x 29cm x 9cm

WAH-ST 050 "Come on Baby Light my Fire" 2020

30cm x 30cm

WAH-ST 049 "Beautiful Failure"「負けの美学」2020

30cm x 30cm

WAH-ST 048 "Inlet"「入り江」2020

40cm x 65cm

WAH-ST 047 "Dazzled"「幻惑」2020

40cm x 40cm