WAH Street


sumi ink, mud pigments, glass pen, washi paper and wood panels



WAH-ST 016 "Summoned"「召喚」2017

42cm x 59cm

WAH-ST 015 "A Visitor"「訪問者」2017

30cm x 41cm

WAH-ST 014 "Portal"「魔境」2017

31cm x 41cm

WAH-ST 013 "Cutting Through"「空斬り」2017

31cm x 41cm

WAH-ST 008 "Visual Language"「視覚言語」2017

54cm x 65cm

left: WAH-ST 012"Ritual"「儀式」2017 41x 41cm

right: WAH-ST 011 "Into Antiquity"「古への道」2017 41x41cm

left: WAH-ST 009 "Time Lag"「時差」2017 41x 41cm

right: WAH-ST 010 "Captured"「虜」2017 41x41cm

WAH-ST 007 "Japon Libre"「米喰って万々歳」2017

54cm x 65cm

WAH-ST 006 "Spring Afternoon Summer Night"「春の午後夏の夜」2017

54cm x 65cm

WAH-ST 005 "Sea God"「中筒男命」2017

53cm x 42cm

WAH-ST 004 "Connected"「接続中」2017

30cm x 60cm

WAH ST-003 "Discover the Unknown"「未知の世界へ旅に出よう」2017

67cm x 47cm

WAH-ST 002 "Before I Let You Go"「別れの一杯」2016

42cm x 53cm


WAH-ST 001 "Auto Translation"「自動翻訳」2016

42cm x 53cm