Shinji Horimura

1975年大阪生まれ。好奇心と冒険心が強い性格のおかげでキャリアも豊富。高校でオーストラリアに交換留学、大学では文化人類学(アフリカ文化専攻)を学び、その後デザインの勉強ために2000年ニューヨークへ移住。ディスプレイデザイナーとして働いたのち、ホリスティックの道へ転向。東洋医学や気について学ぶ。現在はセラピストとアーティスト二足のわらじで活動中。絵を描き始めたのは2004年頃ニューヨークのデザイナー時代で、全て独学。2011年に日本に帰国してから本格的にアートに取り組み、 日本国内およびパリやミュンヘンで展示するなど海外で活躍を重視していたが、現在は日本のカッコよさを日本人に気づいてもらいたい!という思いで国内で精力的に活動している。


Shinji Horimura is a contemporary figurative artist from Osaka, Japan. Born in 1975, his curious and adventurous character made his life-path very unique. He spent one year in Australia as an exchange student at the age of 17, majored Anthropology (African Studies) in college, and moved to New York City to study design at the age of 25. After working as a display/interior designer for 6 years, he made a sudden turn to the field of holistic healing to master Oriental Medicine and Chi (energy), and became a professional therapist.


He started drawing in 2004 for self-expression when he was a display designer in New York. He invented his own drawing style without a proper education in art.


In 2011, Shinji moved back to Japan and started pouring more energy into his art. Currently he presents his works both in Japan and overseas.